Karl Preusser and the Music of the Lance

DISTANT SHORES: Dragonlance Soundtrack Composer Karl Preusser
This time we interview Karl Preusser, the composer of the music for the Dragonlance movie. You can find him on MySpace or browse his website.

Also, if you are interested in the innovative way the music was recorded, you can visit the orchestra.net website.

Finally, two important groups contributed to the magnificent sound of Karl’s score: the Mila Vocal Ensemble and the Musica Antiqua. We hope you’ll take a moment and visit the sites of these two astonishing groups.

The Music Cues List in the Dragonhearth Podcast:
The following music cues and their position in the podcast is as follows:

(01:06 – 02:56) Forestmaster
(06:31 – 07:44) Main Title
(10:53 – 12:00) Tanis Theme & Goldmoon Resurrection (short)
(15:30 – 16:17) Traveling Back to Solace
(17:23 – 19:06) Dragonarmies
(29:03 – 31:29) Tanis Theme & Goldmoon Resurrection (long)
(32:52 – 34:05) Qualinesti Hymn

These times are taken from the original source files for the podcast and are timed from the beginning of the podcast itself before the addition of any bumpers for Farpoint Media. All music used in the podcast is from the upcoming movie soundtrack except for the opening and closing theme and the music for ‘The Immortals’ promo.

CAPTAIN’S CABIN: the Qualinesti Hymn
In addition to hearing it on our podcast, you can see an online video which Laura and I created for the Gencon Game Convention which also shows some of the background art from the film set to the incredible sound of the Qualinesti Hymn. You can view low resolution versions of of this at The Dragonlance Movie Website and on YouTube or you can view a higher resolution version on the DragonHearth Productions Website.

Episode 21: September 22, 2007
Visit www.dragonhearthproductions.com for our ship’s log and our contact message board.

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