Halloween Bones and Frights 2007

Our visit to the set the the hit television series ‘Bones‘ — as guests of the talented Director of Photography, Gordon Lonsdale — turns into a nightmare as I fight to suppress the dreaded COUGH!


CREATIVE ENGINE: Scary Writing Reviews
We ponder the the underlying questions behind the most dreaded and terror-inspiring question “What do you think of my writing?”


CAPTAIN’S CABIN A halloween story by Dr. Hal Hickman.
My father has told this tale to generations of Hickmans … and now you are being subjected to it as well! For other tales, you may wish to listen to his own podcast, “Tale of the Old West.”

Episode 23 / October 30th, 2007

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Article by trhickman

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  1. Scott says:

    Wow Tracy, I guess now you know how Raistlin felt when he was trying to hide from a draconian patrol and had an uncontrollable urge to cough!

  2. InkGypsy says:

    Hi Guys! I just discovered your fun podcast – thank you!
    One question about the music – your show notes didn’t credit your source. My baby son LOVED the Halloween-Vic-Mizzy-style music (I listen to podcasts while I feed him in his high chair and he bopped up and down every time the music came on) and I was wondering what your source was.
    Keep up the great shows!

  3. trhickman says:

    And welcome to the Dragonhearth…

    The background music for the Halloween podcast comes from Digital Juice’s StackTraxx #16: Spooky Stacks. This is licensed music that has a wonderful finished sound. You can can hear for yourself by visit them at the Digital Juice website.

    The fact is that if you hear a sound effect or music aboard the DragonHearth, chances are pretty good that it comes from Digital Juice.

    Tracy Hickman

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