Holiday Special 2007

UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: The Dragonlance Movie Review
The Dragonlance Movie has premiered here at the Hickman House … and here is our first review. You can join the discussion on this topic either at the Dragonhearth Message board or get additional information from the Official Dragonlance Movie website.

PORT OF CALL: The Blu-ray / HD-DVD War Report
Our son Curtis Hickman … a professional After Effects artist as well as professional magician … calls the victor in the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD war.

CREATIVE ENGINE: Softening Stories for Young Children … and why you shouldn’t
An essay by Stephen Leacock from the early 1900’s shows us why ‘politically correct’ children’s stories may NOT be the best choice!

CAPTAIN’S CABIN: Santa’s Beard
My father recites our favorite of his Christmas Poems:

By Dr. Harold Hickman

Don’t talk to me about Santa’s Beard…
That it’s just fur or cotton.
I busted Joe just up the block
for saying things that rotten.

He said down at the shopping mall
The Santa Line was merry.
‘Cause they gave kids a lolly-pop
And his was lime … or cherry.

It stuck to Santa’s beard real good
It glued right in the middle.
And he yanked that guys beard right off
And he just tugged a little.

Well that might be for store-bought ‘Nicks
In shopping malls some place
But it’s not true of Santa Claus
He’d always save his face.

You see there’s just ONE Santa Claus
A mighty jolly guy
The others are just helpers
Like Santa’s foreign spies.

Cause Santa’s got a rush up there
To get his stuff all ready
He’s got a million things to do
And work must go quite steady

If he would leave this time of year
The whole place would be frantic
With all them elves a running round
And Mrs. Claus in panic.

So he assigns some guys around
Who look the same as he does
But they ain’t got no beard like his
As soft as down or peach fuzz.

They represent the grand old man
And listen to the kiddies
And ask what kind of dolls they want
To sing them little ditties.

So these guys look like Santa Clause
To make us all remember
That this old man who brings the stuff
Will be here this December.

So next time you sit on his lap
NO LOLLYPOP … and trust him!
The next kid that pulls off his beard…
I’ll find him out AND BUST HIM!

Episode 25/ December 1st, 2007

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  1. She was victorious after all, and youthfully parochial in some emotional ways.

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