An Inconvenient Book

DISTANT SHORES: Ben Stein’s “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”

A review of Ben Stein’s documentary film about Intelligent Design. You can visit the ‘Expelled: No Intelligent Design’ website for more information on the film and their take on ID.

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THE CREATIVE ENGINE: An Inconvenient Book

The strange case of ‘Dragonlance: Lost Chronicles’ and the twisted fate of ‘Dragons of the Hourglass Mage’ are considered — the mystery of how a third book in an advertised trilogy (whose previous novel was a New York Times Best Seller) would be abandoned by its publisher.


UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: Blu-ray and Browncoats

Why HD DVD is … er, WAS … better than Blu-ray … and why it didn’t matter.

CAPTAIN’S CABIN: “The Immortals”

Celebrating the new printing of the book with an excerpt from the podiobook.

Episode 28 / April 22nd, 2008

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Article by trhickman

Authors bio is coming up shortly.


  1. RapidEye says:

    Hi Tracy – Long Time Listener and Reader of your works!

    I’m an active scientist, meaning, I have a degree in science, work in the field, and my hobbies also include science (astronomy). I’m also a Christian and while many people like to pit those two as opposing points of view, I felt that you articulated my feelings on the matter perfectly in this podcast. 600 yrs ago the smartest people on this planet all _KNEW_ that the Earth was flat – it wasn’t even a theory! I have no doubt that our grand-children’s generation of scientists will find new ways to explain developmental biology, dark matter/energy, and other issues that perplex current scientists.

    I also loved the way you pointed out the hypocrisy in regards to Moore and Stein – Bullseye!!!

    I do have two nits:
    First is your usage of the word Theory. In the scientific community that word has a different meaning than when it is used in every day vernacular. For example, Gravity is a theory in science. Comparing Evolutionary Theory (scientific meaning) is not comparable to Intelligent Design Theory (common meaning). That is an apples and oranges discussion. However, I COMPLETELY agree with you that Evolutionary Theory has risen to the point of almost being a religion…

    Lastly is the usage of “Darwinism”. People that believe in Evolution DO NOT follow Darwinism nor do they subscribe to Darwin’s theories of the evolution of the species. His work served as the basis upon which current evolutionary theory is built; however, the current working theory of evolution is light years past where Darwin started. For example, Mendel’s work on Genetics didn’t happen until long after the voyage of the Beagle, yet genes now play a central role in evolutionary theory.

    Maybe a better way to put it using Darwin’s theories to represent current thinking on Evolution is like using a horse drawn buggy to represent an Indy Race Car.

    Again, while I believe in many parts of current Evolutionary Theory, I am still a Christian that believes in God and his role in our creation – I don’t see them as mutually exclusive: We just aren’t smart enough to see how they can properly co-exist.

    Thanks again for ALL of your great works over the years – I look forward to many more years of it to come!!!

  2. Mesopolies says:

    Hi Tracy- do you have a link or an e-mail address that we can pester WotC about Dragons of the Hourglass Mage?

  3. Ben Barnes says:


    I have a ton of respect for you, man, but your mistaken as to the definition of the word theory. Theory used collquially does mean as you say, but when used in the realm of science means something altogether different. It means a hypothesis (reasoned guess) that has been submitted to the empirical method, not just by its suggestor, but also tested and not proven wrong (notice last three words) by a group of peer scientists. So, saying a theory is just a Guess, is misleading, and possibly dangerous.

    Wishing you well, Tracey and keep the faith against the corporate machinations of the Evil Empire…


  4. Mason says:

    I see folks have already responded to your mis-use of the word theory. I’m a bit surprised at this this seemingly unqualified endorsement of the film. I suppose I’ll have to go back and listen to the podcast again. Perhaps the endorsement is for open thought and debate, much less the film itself…I’m hoping…

    I couldn’t agree with you more in your suggestion of equivalence between Michael Moore’s work and Ben Stein’s film. Both employ manipulation of facts, fallacies and mis-truths to peddle their messages.

    Lastly, I find it ironic that you cite the history of heliocentrism and its eventual usurpation of an earth-centric theory in your attempt to describe science as arbitrary as religion. Especially when one considers it was the religious establishment that “expelled” Gallileo in his attempts to advance it.

    Was/Is that your intent? To suggest that science is as arbitrary as religion in its formulation and execution? Honestly?

    Let’s see some evidence. 😉


  5. trhickman says:

    No, my intention was to show that science is often as mistaken in it’s own belief set as religion can be… that science is no better an arbiter of truth than religion.

    Tracy Hickman

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