Autumn Harvest

PORT OF CALL: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Phase III

I give a final report on my Phase III audition for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the end of my journey.


A discussion on the journey of our Dragon’s Bard series and why a few hundred copies can be a great success — as well as our offer of a holiday gift package that can be a real treasure.

UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: Laura and the Secret Service

Laura’s adventures regarding a questionable dollar bill that came in the mail includes contact with the Secret Service.


CAPTAINS CABIN: Santa’s Sleigh Ride

The place of board games in our families traditional holiday celebrations is remembered and Tracy and Laura’s ‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’ board game is offered for a free trial download.

Episode 52 / November 2nd, 2010

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Article by trhickman

Authors bio is coming up shortly.


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    In upgrading the website, we inadvertently moved the feed location. We’ve since moved to correct the feeds but it will take iTunes a week or three to catch up and all the original RSS feed locations have now changed. The new rss location should be good and if you’re listening using your own podcast system please switch to the new link.

    If you are listening on iTunes — my best suggestion is to download the file here from the website, listen to it here if you can or give iTunes a few weeks to get the links straightened out.

    Sorry about the trouble — if I had know I would have taken better precautions.

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