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DragonHearth is a podcast by Tracy and Laura Hickman … their monthly report as they explore the Sea of Possibilities in their ship of the imagination.

Tracy and Laura Hickman

Photograph by Gordon Lonsdale A.S.C.

Tracy and Laura Hickman have been writing science fiction and fantasy professionally for over a quarter of a century.

Tracy is the New York Times Best-selling author of ‘Dragonlance’, ‘The Death Gate Cycle’ and ‘Dragonships’ (with Margaret Weis) as well as the upcoming ‘Drakis’ trilogy and ‘The Immortals.’ You can learn more about Tracy here.

Laura is the author of ‘The Bronze Canticles Trilogy’ and the original ‘Ravenloft’ adventure game (with Tracy).

Both have been teaching seminars and workshops in Speculative Fiction for much of their professional lives. They are currently working on providing online instruction on the art of Science-fiction and fantasy writing.


  1. Jason Cara says:

    Are you guys doing the podcast anymore? I miss it!


  2. trhickman says:

    We have been overwhelmed with work over these last several months but I am trying to find a way back into making these podcasts. Stand by and we’ll get back on the air.

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