Holiday Cheer 2010

PORT OF CALL: Tim Slover’s ‘Comin’ Out fer Christmas’

My good friend and playwright Tim Slover wrote this wonderful piece for his Christmas Party this year — and I just had to share it with you. Yee-ha!

The place of board games in our families traditional holiday celebrations is remembered and Tracy and Laura’s ‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’ board game is offered for a free trial download.

CREATIVE ENGINE: Rosenstern and Gildencrantz

The sad fate of two — make that three — characters who suddenly realized, in the middle of a book, that they had no business being there at all.


Laura reads a composition by my great-grandmother, Annie Gunn, who was twenty years old at the time she wrote this in 1886. You can see her amazing handwriting in the image above and enjoy the charm of her writing in the podcast.


In addition to the sneak peeks we offered to you of our upcoming projects, we let you know that our ‘Eventide’ novel will be available on for their Kindle readers within days! We’ll post a link here to where you can get yours as soon as it is available.

CAPTAINS CABIN: Tracy and Laura sing a Christmas Song

Laura and I  do our best to sing a Christmas song that Laura plans to perform at our Christmas Eve celebrations in our home. It eventually works out…

Episode 53 / December 23rd, 2010

Autumn Harvest

PORT OF CALL: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Phase III

I give a final report on my Phase III audition for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the end of my journey.


A discussion on the journey of our Dragon’s Bard series and why a few hundred copies can be a great success — as well as our offer of a holiday gift package that can be a real treasure.

UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: Laura and the Secret Service

Laura’s adventures regarding a questionable dollar bill that came in the mail includes contact with the Secret Service.


CAPTAINS CABIN: Santa’s Sleigh Ride

The place of board games in our families traditional holiday celebrations is remembered and Tracy and Laura’s ‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’ board game is offered for a free trial download.

Episode 52 / November 2nd, 2010

DragonHearth at GENCON 2010 Live!

PORT OF CALL: Gencon Indy 2010 Convention Live!

Felicia Day

Felicia Day and Tracy Hickman ... isn't Gencon fun?

Our live edition of DragonHearth recorded as it happened at the Gencon Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana the afternoon of August 6th. I am joined by Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary and XDM fame as well as our own Laura Hickman as we take questions from the audience and enjoy our time together.

Most definitely NOT featured in our live podcast presentation but nevertheless a memorable and delightful time for me was meeting Felicia Day, star of ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog’ and ‘The Guild.’ She is among the three nicest people I have ever met and her consideration and generosity impressed me greatly.

And, in as much as I am such a fan of her work that I actually SANG part of ‘Dr. Horrible’ at Killer Breakfast this year — I just had to put the picture of us together here and brag about meeting her.

Episode 51/ August 9th, 2010

Eventide Reading

DRAGONSBARD: Eventide Chapter 4 Reading

As we have been preparing for the Gencon Game Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, we thought we would share with you a sample chapter from our Dragon’s Bard Eventide project. This is chapter 4 entitled ‘The Millinery and the Pixies’ — read largely by Laura — and we both hope you’ll enjoy it. This chapter introduces us to Melinda Oakman, the town millinery and her trials not only at creating a ‘quest hat’ for Jarod Klum but in dealing with some most unlikely — and unwelcome — house guests.

Our next podcast will be from the Gencon Game Convention in about two weeks. We hope you’ll join us there!

Episode 50/ July 26th, 2010

Dragon’s Bard

CREATIVE ENGINE: Writing like the Dickens

Why the time has come for serialized novels … again after a hundred and fifty years … in the new form of Dragon’s Bard.


UNCHARTED TERRITORIES: The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

The view 40 years into the future … from 1968!

CAPTAINS CABIN: A Visit to Eventide

Where Tracy Hickman introduces you to the village of Eventide … and the stories of the Dragon’s Bard.

Episode 49 / May 29th, 2010

Leprecon in Dublin

Here is my photo of Mutefish as they performed on Grafton Street…

DISTANT SHORES: Q&A with Sandy Mitchell at Leprecon in Dublin, Ireland

Here is my attempted Question and Answer session with the good people attending Leprecon while in the epicenter of their gaming hall. Sandy Mitchell joins me here as we attempt to make ourselves sound wise above the din of the hall.

Episode 48 / March 20th, 2010

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