Live from Gencon 2008 (Part 2)

Recorded live at the 2008 Gencon Gaming Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana…

DISTANT SHORES: Reading from the upcoming ‘Drakis’ book ‘Song of the Dragon’

Laura and Tracy invite members of the audience up to assist them in a reading from their upcoming novel, ‘Song of the Dragon’.

CAPTAIN’S CABIN: Final Thoughts

Thoughts on what is coming next … especially Laura and Tracy’s DNA going up to the International Space Station as part of Operation Immortality.

Episode 34 / August 18th, 2008

Live from Gencon 2008 (Part 1)

Recorded live at the 2008 Gencon Gaming Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana…

STATUS REPORT: Guess Who’s Coming to Gencon

Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions, the Producer of the Dragonlance Movie John Frank and Phil Athans, Managing Editor of Wizards of the Coast Book Publishing … all join Laura and Tracy aboard the Dragonhearth and begin by each giving us their own status report on what they are currently working on.

PORT OF CALL: Questions and Answers

Questions from our audience are answered including the possibilities for a second Dragonlance Movie and the future of Dragonlance at Wizards of the Coast.

Episode 33 / August 18th, 2008

Dragons of an Hourglass Mage Announcement

PORT OF CALL: “Dragons of an Hourglass Mage” Publication Announced
We are pleased, in a joint press release by Wizards of the Coast with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, to announce that the third book in the ‘Dragonlance Lost Chronicles’ trilogy now has a publication date set in 2009.

We at last deal with a number of questions, including ‘Hourglass Mage’, the question of swearing in my novels as it relates to my faith, and a plethora of questions regarding the social customs of … gulp … gully dwarves.

Manuscripts for first books in both the Weis & Hickman ‘Dragonships’ series and the Hickman & Hickman ‘Drakis’ series are at the publisher … plus there’s the question of this secret project.

CAPTAIN’S CABIN: Appearances
Tracy & Laura are scheduled to appear at the Gencon Indy Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana this August and at the Lucca Comics and Games Convention in Lucca, Italy in November.

Episode 32 / July 21st, 2008

Down Under Dragonhearth at Gencon OZ (Part 2)

DISTANT SHORTS: Gencon OZ in Brisbane, Australia
OZ Readers Part Two of Two as Tracy and Laura conclude their journey to Brisbane, Australia and the first Gencon Australia Game Convention.

We begin with a reading from the upcoming Tracy & Laura Hickman series ‘Drakis’ … enlisting members of the audience (shown here) into our cast. With only a few minor bumps along the way, their performance is flawless.

We then conclude with additional questions from our new friends ‘Down Under.’

Episode 31 / July 3rd, 2008

Down Under Dragonhearth at Gencon OZ (Part 1)

DISTANT SHORTS: Gencon OZ in Brisbane, Australia
Koala TracyPart One of Two as Tracy and Laura journey to Brisbane, Australia and the first Gencon Australia Game Convention.

We speculate about Rugby League vs. Union rules and on why American Football manages to make a ninety minute game last for four hours. We tell about our adventures aboard the Mirimar going up the Brisbane River and our encounters with Koalas and Kangaroos in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

We explain the nature of Killer Breakfast and why Australians should come and enjoy it just like those in the Northern Hemisphere.

We then take questions from the Dragonlance Crew (shown below) and prepare for a reading from our upcoming book ‘Drakis.’

Dragonhearth OZ Crew

Episode 30 / July 3rd, 2008

Cam Bank’s “The Sellsword”

PORT OF CALL: Cam Banks and ‘The Sellsword’
Cam Banks, author of numerous Dragonlance game books, comes aboard to discuss his novel, “The Sellsword” — first in the new ‘Tracy Hickman Presents: The Anvil of Time’ series.

Episode 29 / June 21st, 2008

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